A Prosthodontist is a master of smile analysis and design relating the appearance to the function of the oral cavity.


  • Gummy smile
  • Worn teeth
  • Multiple missing teeth (or absence of all teeth)
  • Fractured or broken teeth
  • Crowded or overlapping teeth

advanced dentistry

  • ‘Bad bites’ i.e. when the upper and lower teeth are in poor alignment with each other
  • Failure of previous dental treatment
  • A combination of the above

Let us analyze your smile!

A Prosthodontist is a specialist in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry, one who has spent an additional four years in full- time study (after completion of General Dentistry) advancing his skills and ability in diagnosing, planning and treating complex cases. The focus is placed on the replacement of missing parts of the dentition and related structures.

A Prosthodontist is a master of Smile Analysis and design relating the appearance to the function of the oral cavity. All must be in optimal working order as well as aesthetically appealing. A successful outcome is dependent on astute diagnostic skills and attention to detail.

Specialist dental treatment often requires the intervention of a number of different disciplines such as Periodontal (gum), Orthodontic, Endodontic (root treatment), Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery or Prosthodontics.

The Prosthodontist is the “co-ordinator” in multi-disciplinary dentistry and should be consulted first.

Patients are referred to a Prosthodontist for complex and advanced dentistry.


Patients come to Cahi Dental and Prosthodontic Practice from around the world because they know they will always receive personalized care using the latest advances in the dental field. Each member of our team is dedicated to ensuring our patients are well-informed and comfortable at all times. The Cahi Dental and Prosthodontic Practice will never begin a treatment or procedure until all of your questions have been answered and you feel relaxed and at ease.

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We promise to provide you with a detailed and accurate diagnosis of your present dental condition. We will explain all treatment options and expenses, so that together we can make appropriate decisions. We will work within your time and budget.


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